A Changing Arctic: Beyond a white space

A Changing Arctic: Beyond a white space

Beyond a white space: blue future, green shifts, and red flags in the Arctic. What do they really mean? Fifteen students from the UiO International Summer School Course A Changing Arctic' 2018 class presents their 10 minute individual presentations related to this question.

The Arctic is a vast domain and it can be defined and framed in many different ways. Changes within and around the Arctic are often portrayed in various lights, or colours if you will. Indeed terms such as "blue future," "green shift" and "red flags" have appeared within policy and environmental circles in particular, and they take on slightly different meanings depending on the stakeholders and context of dialogue. But are these terms useful? Do they lead to diffusivity and ambiguity? What are the most important points of these concepts amongst the global community, especially amongst those without a strong interest in the Arctic?

Organized by the Centre for Earth Evolution and Dynamics and the International Summer School.

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