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Sabrina Sartori Sabrina Sartoris blogg

Hi and welcome to my blog!

I am Italian and I consider myself at home both in Italy (Venezia) and Norway. As a child I was making my own experiments to discover the world and, since science is now my profession, it seems I never stopped playing!

I am passionate about renewable energy and I use large-scale facilities (based on Neutron and Synchrotron radiation) to investigate new materials for energy storage. In this blog you will read something about that.

I am pretty curious and among my other interests there are theatre, literature, dance and music. The relations between art and science are fascinating, and here I hope to give you a glance at that! Ultimately, this blog is about a journey through passions. Welcome on board!

Sabrina Sartori

Jeg er førsteamanuensis ved Institutt for teknologisystemer, og jeg er særlig interessert i materialer til energiteknologi.

I am an Associate professor at the Department of Technology Systems, with a special interest in materials for energy technology.

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